Antinol for Cats 60 capsules


Antinol Joint Supplement helps keep cats frisky and playful. Taken daily, it helps enhance the joint comfort and mobility of cats and is safe for long-term use. Antinol can help if you notice changes in your cats activity level or playfulness, helping to keep him more active, longer. With Omega fatty acids, it promotes skin health as well as joint health, helping to reduce inflammation and benefiting cartilage health.
Antinol is a powerful joint support formula that starts with Green Lipped mussels from the open waters of New Zealand. Once harvested, these mussels are put through an extensive process to extract what becomes the main ingredient in Antinol, called PCSO524. This special ingredient is a blend of Omega3 and other fatty acids known to enhance joint health. A patented extraction process was specially developed to retain a high concentration of these ingredients in every Antinol capsule, keeping their beneficial properties intact. When you give your cat Antinol, you know he is getting the native benefits of PCSO524.
It's easy to give cats Antinol. Many cats will eat it right from your hand or straight from the bowl along with their regular meal. However, if your cat eats around the soft gel, simply cut it open and mix it in with the food.

Directions: Consultation with a Veterinarian is recommended prior to starting this.
Give 1 capsule twice a day for 2 weeks. Thereafter, give 1 capsule once a day.

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