Novifit (Small) - 30 tablets per box


NOVIFIT® (NoviSAMe®) Tablets provide a reliable, first-line supplement option for dogs and cats to support cognitive health:

• Helps maintain normal activity levels, awareness, and memory associated with previously learned tasks
• Helps support cognitive function/behavior in the aging animal, including:
o Disorientation
o Changes in social interactions with people and other pets
o Changes in sleep-wake cycle
o Loss of house-training skills
NOVIFIT® Tablets are a great option for aging pets to support cognitive function.
• Pure and natural SAMe salt
• No known side effects and minimal contraindications*
• Cost-effective option
Easy, once-daily administration aids in compliance.
• May be given with food, but the tablets cannot be broken
• Available in tablet sizes for small dogs and cats (up to 22 lbs), medium dogs (22–44 lbs), and large dogs (>44 lbs)
• Each enteric-coated tablet is individually packaged for convenience and to ensure product stability
S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine-Tosylate Disulfate(NoviSAMe® Ingredient) ..... 100 mg
Directions: As labelled or directed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Pre-order required

This product requires a Veterinary prescription. 

If your pet has been seen at SingVet, a staff will go through your account to see if the requested item has been approved for sale. If your pet has not been seen at SingVet, an original copy of the prescription is required. This has to be presented before the order can be confirmed. Alternatively, you can contact your Veterinarian to email a prescription to Most clinics are able to send a prescription over to SingVet.

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