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NOVIFIT® (NoviSAMe®) Tablets provide a reliable, first-line supplement option for dogs and cats to support cognitive health:

• Helps maintain normal activity levels, awareness, and memory associated with previously learned tasks
• Helps support cognitive function/behavior in the aging animal, including:
o Disorientation
o Changes in social interactions with people and other pets
o Changes in sleep-wake cycle
o Loss of house-training skills
NOVIFIT® Tablets are a great option for aging pets to support cognitive function.
• Pure and natural SAMe salt
• No known side effects and minimal contraindications*
• Cost-effective option
Easy, once-daily administration aids in compliance.
• May be given with food, but the tablets cannot be broken
• Available in tablet sizes for small dogs and cats (up to 22 lbs), medium dogs (22–44 lbs), and large dogs (>44 lbs)
• Each enteric-coated tablet is individually packaged for convenience and to ensure product stability
S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine-Tosylate Disulfate(NoviSAMe® Ingredient) ..... 100 mg
Directions: As labelled or directed by your Veterinary Surgeon.


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