How to weigh your cat or dog at home

To facilitate our telemedicine consultations, getting an accurate weight of your pet is necessary to ensure correct dosing of medications.

For pets heavier than 3Kg, a digital bathroom scale with at least 1 decimal point can be used.

  1. Carry your pet firmly in your arms then step on the weighing scale to take both your weight.
  2. Weigh only yourself immediately afterwards on the same weighing scale. It is important to do this immediately as small variations occur in our weight after meals or toileting.
  3. Take the weight in step 1 and the weight taken in step 2.

For example, 

Weight of Mr. Adam + Dog Fluffy = 85kg. 

Weight of Mr. Adam alone = 80kg.

Weight of Dog Fluffy is 85kg - 80kg = 5kg

Some useful videos that we found:

If your pet is less than 3kg, it would be more ideal to weigh on a kitchen scale to get a more accurate measurement. Some creativity is required to get your pet on a large bowl so it can then be placed on the kitchen scale.