Parasite Prevention For Cats And Dogs

There are two types of parasites that are commonly found on our pets, they can be classified as external parasites or internal parasites.



Ear Mites Found In A Cat's Ear Under Microscope

Image: Ear Mite Found In A Cat's Ear Under The Microscope


If my pet is an only indoor pet, do I still need parasite prevention?

The answer is yes! You may not notice it but sometimes we play a part in to bringing these unwanted visitors to our home. Fleas and mites may jump or climb on our clothing and get brought indoor with us, mosquitoes are great hosts for parasites and they are known to infect dogs with heartworm.


You can find parasite prevention in many forms at pet shops and veterinary clinics. They may come in palatable tablets, topical spot-on or shampoo and even in the form of injection at your vet clinic. If your pet is infected with any parasites and you are unsure of what to do, do not worry and make an appointment at your vet clinic. Your vet will advise you on the suitable care and prevention for your pet. In the meantime, do uphold hygiene at home and disinfect the house, especially furniture that your pet frequents to prevent further spread of the parasites.

Done by: Nurse Samantha