Direa Antidiarrhoeal Tablet - 15 tablets per order


Tablets contain: CROSPOVIDONE 1000mg
When can Direa Tablets be Used?
Direa tablets can be used in the management of diarrhoea brought about by a variety of causes, including:
• Dietary change for example a recently re-homed puppy
• Infectious agents
• Imbalance of gastro intestinal flora
• Food poisoning
Directions: Per manufacturer's recommendation (below) or as directed by your Veterinary Surgeon
• A twice-daily administration of the tablets for 2-4 days is recommended.
• Dogs 1 tablet per 10-20 kg, cats ¼ tablet per 2.5-5kg bodyweight.
Veterinary advice should be sought for pets that exhibit signs of illness other than diarrhoea, including blood stained faeces, or if diarrhoea persists after 3 days treatment with this product.

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