Feliway Classic Diffuser and Refill


Useful for cats with stress-related behavioral issue. This can manifest as spraying of urine, over grooming or inter-cat aggression.

Because of this, the appeasing pheromone can be used to reduce conflict and tensions between cats. When a synthetic pheromone copy (such as FELIWAY FRIENDS, a synthetic analogue of the Cat Appeasing Pheromone (C.A.P)) is used between cats with conflicts, they become more accepting of one another, less aggressive and are more likely to approach one another in a more amicable way

Feliway Classic Diffuser covers an area of up to 70 square meters. To maximise exposure, place Feliway Classic Diffuser where your cat spends the most time in.

It is recommended that you use multiple Feliway Classic Diffusers if your cat spends time in several different rooms, especially for larger houses.

Each diffuser refill covers an area up to 70 m2

Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, behind curtains, behind furniture, as it will not work


Pre-order required

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