Virbac C.E.T Veggiedent Vegetable Chews Z-Shape Small (<10kg)


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C.E.T.® VEGGIEDENT® FR3SH® Tartar Control Chews for Dogs are a healthy solution for Fresh Breath and more! It provides 3-way performance that cleans teeth, freshens breath and supports proper digestion.
1. Cleanse
The Unique Z-shape is easy for dogs to hold and increases chewing time and plaque control. Just one chew daily reduces tartar and plaque, the oral causes of bad breath.
2. Freshens
Freshens breath with every chew
3. Balance
Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion and help maintain intestinal well-being.

C.E.T.® VEGGIEDENT® FR3SH® Tartar Control Chews are palatable, plant-based with no animal-derived ingredients, gluten-free and easily digestible. Small sized chews are for dogs under 10kg.

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